What does Acupuncture treat?

One of the most commonly asked questions about acupuncture is, “What does it treat?” Perhaps a better question is actually, “What doesn’t it treat?” Because Traditional Chinese Medicine is designed to balance the whole body (rather than just subduing a symptom or working in isolation), there are very few illnesses or health disorders beyond the scope of acupuncture. When your body’s energy systems and blood flow are brought back into a natural, balanced state through acupuncture, the body can do what it’s designed to do: function properly. Health conditions are various forms of dysfunction in the body as a result of toxins and clogging and imbalances. A body that’s in balance is a healthy body. The needles are specifically placed help to correct the underlying imbalances, the health issue becomes less and less noticeable … and in many cases just completely resolves. Many people have been in discomfort, pain or illness for so long that they’ve forgotten what being healthy actually feels like.  Acupuncture helps restore the normal state of balance or homeostasis.